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Hi readers!

To our patrons: I’d be remiss not to let you know what your willingness to step forward and do your part to fund women’s basketball coverage has produced.

In April, we had our biggest month ever in readership. This is not a surprise — because of you, we’ve been able to bring a team of writers to the Final Four, then a group to the WNBA Draft, while others have fanned out across the country to cover their WNBA beats, on draft night and beyond.
A pipeline of young talent, diverse folks eager and capable, are learning to cover the league.

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Tireless work has produced a database of WNBA salaries once more, allowing us, and all who wish to, the opportunity to write about the WNBA from a GM’s perspective — something never before possible.

We’re growing, we’re changing the equation for coverage, and that’s leading to other outlets taking notice and growing as well. Our talented writers are getting noticed, hired around the country. That, in turn, produces further coverage, further spotlight on women’s basketball, and the chance to add more talented young people into the mix.

Our group is more dynamic than ever. And I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you this WNBA season.

This is how we fix women’s basketball coverage in this country. And you are doing your part to make it happen. More than 160,000 of you read over 400,000 articles last month alone! Over 5,000 of you are following on Twitter, north of 32,000 of you on Facebook. The biggest names in the sport read us, talk to us, have our app on their phones, subscribe to our Youtube channel.

All of us are so grateful. Onward!

And for those of you who read us, but haven’t yet taken the extra step of sending just a few dollars our way, consider becoming part of this movement. Consider how much we can grow, the things we can do, as our staff continues to grow, developing sources, and we can pay for even more of their time to dedicate to telling these fascinating, vital stories in women’s basketball, past-present-future.

For your effort, you’ll get extra goodies — sticker, t-shirts, subscriber-only content. But you’ll be doing something more: you’ll be making sure that a vital voice in women’s basketball media continues to grow, and exist.

We’re two years in, and doing precisely what we said we’d do. We’ve already grown beyond any effort to cover women’s basketball that’s ever been tried. Now we need your help to get even bigger, and dispel the notion that a 24/7 women’s basketball outlet isn’t sustainable once and for all.

Click here. Give a few dollars a month.

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