Introducing: The Next, 24/7/365 women’s basketball newsroom

What’s next

I want to thank you for all your support of High Post Hoops. You have supported a crew of diverse, young talent as the group has covered women’s basketball 24/7 and changed the face of the industry in the process.

That work isn’t disappearing, but how you experience it will. So let me take you through the changes.

The Next, a 24/7/365 basketball newsroom, will launch June 1. We’re ambitious, we’re bringing in an all-star crew of basketball media talent, and we’re going to need some help to make it succeed.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best ways to create what I think of, and often speak of, as the infrastructure of coverage. To build up the necessary audience, it is vital to be someplace where the work is consistent, excellent, and reflects the interests and needs of those who follow it.

At High Post Hoops, we’ve done that for more than three years, and our audience tripled from year one to year two, then AGAIN in year three. You made that possible.

But ultimately, leadership changes anywhere can derail even the best success stories. Even inadvertent changes can alter a publication’s ability to function within a larger company. I am grateful for the support we’ve had at FanSided over the years. But I am protective of the coverage we’ve built, and want to be sure it continues for many years to come.

I want to be sure the relationship all of us have built with you, the readers, is preserved and built on. We’ll continue to provide aggregation and analysis here at High Post Hoops, in keeping with the larger FanSided model.

And the 24/7/365 basketball work continues, with names you’ve come to trust, at The Next.

We need you to step up: $9 a month, $72 a year, or a founding membership of $197.20 for those of you who can afford it. A few hundred of you can make this a reality, a permanent part of the media landscape. That’s all it will take.

I would be remiss not to thank Zachary Best, creator of FanSided, for helping us do the vital work of covering women’s basketball at the outpost he’s created here on the Internet. And a huge shoutout goes to Michael Dunlap, who believed in our project from before the beginning.

And most of all, to you, the readers, who proved to an entire industry that there’s an appetite for women’s basketball coverage, done right, every single day of the year. Thank you.

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