How we spent our winter vacation: Connecticut Sun

Players and coaches alike enjoy the offseason both on and off the court

With the start of the WNBA season just a few days away it’s time to take a look back at how some of the members of the Connecticut Sun spent their offseason. On Media Day I asked Layshia Clarendon, Jonquel Jones, Jasmine Thomas and Curt Miller what the highlight of their offseason was and the answers included events both on and off the court.

Clarendon said, “Moving into my condo with my wife. We bought a condo in Oakland, in the Bay Area, and having a place that’s settled during the offseason and doing all of the Bay Area things we like to do; wine tasting, going to dinner, walking our dog around the lake.”

While Clarendon spent her offseason stateside, both Thomas and Jones spent their offseasons playing overseas.

Thomas, who spent her offseason with CCC Polkowice replied, “I guess my favorite part was winning a championship, I think my first championship overseas, and I loved my teammates, we had a really great team. That was a good experience for me, I also ended up being MVP of the championship game so that was exciting.”

Jones appreciated the opportunity basketball provided her to travel saying, “Playing a team that played in the Euroleague, I got to see a lot of the European countries I’ve never seen before, I was told basketball would take me around the world, but I never expected it to be those places, it was awesome.”

Miller had a busy offseason in both his personal and professional life. He said, “The highlight for me away from the game of basketball was turning 50. You know celebrating, unexpectedly celebrating, with family and friends, I was headed on a vacation that I was okay turning 50 and being in a great location and it turned out to be a huge celebration and a surprise on how many people joined that celebration.”

He also added, “And the other great news is having a subtle change on my coaching staff and losing such a great friend and a fantastic assistant in Steve Smith, but being able to promote Chris Koclanes from video coordinator to one of my full-time assistants. I’ve been outspoken and compared Chris to the Sean McVay of the WNBA. He has a chance at a very young age to be very special, he has an ‘it factor’ that in nearly thirty years of coaching I have not been around one, thing young and this talented, ever in my career. So, I’m really excited to allow —  It’s hard to replace a veteran like Steve Smith, to give one of the rising superstars of our game an opportunity to really impact our team on the court with his knowledge and enthusiasm has given me a spark later in my career to be a good mentor, to be a good leader of one that I think everyone will know his name somewhere down the line in our game.”

The Sun open the regular season at home against the Washington Mystics on May 25.

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