Women’s Basketball Bracketology: Examining the roads from a 2 to a 1 seed

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Still some room for changes on the 1-2 lines.

If Notre Dame is going to get a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, it is not likely to get it as a higher overall seed than Baylor. In fact, it’ll be tough for the Irish to secure anything better than 4 overall. And with Oregon taking a loss last week and dropping to a 2 seed, Notre Dame gets the blessing and curse of being the worst 1. Yeah, that means Notre Dame gets a 16 seed in the first round instead of a 15, then an 8 instead of a 9, etc. It also means it gets stuck in the Portland region with 2 seed Oregon and a possible Elite Eight road game — not to mention a possible Sweet 16 road game if Gonzaga emerges from its pod.

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Send my best to Muffet McGraw. I mean no offense by this projection.

What else? Let’s go to the region breakdown: