Women’s basketball bracketology: Using the committee’s cheat sheet

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Incorporating what we now now.

If you’ve been keeping up with our weekly brackets, you’ll notice this one looks wildly different than the ones that have proceeded it. That’s because earlier this week, the NCAA women’s basketball committee gave us a peak at the top 16 seeds as they stood on Monday. So there was no longer a need to speculate about those — why continue with my projections when we’re literally being handed the answers?

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All that’s changed on the top four lines since then are minor adjustments based on outcomes. UConn moving back up to a 1 seed with a win over South Carolina was the only notable change.

Oh, and I sent Notre Dame to Chicago because the setup allowed me to and it seems inevitable, despite what the reveal said.

The next top 16 reveal will come in early March, so until then, it’s back to guessing.