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A way forward for the outlet you’ve grown to love.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: Let’s talk about women’s basketball coverage, specifically where we are here High Post Hoops, and how you can help be part of the solution in women’s sports media.

We began High Post Hoops on April 1, 2017. Since then, we’ve created an absolute all star team of a staff. We’re courtside at games all over the country, all over the world. We’ve covered the big events like the WNBA Finals, WNBA Draft, NCAA Final Four, FIBA World Cup.

Our team is relentless in pursuing stories that matter in women’s college basketball. We’ve broken plenty of them. Just as important, we’ve been shining a light on them all, too: giving you an inside look into every aspect of women’s hoops, 24/7, past, present and future.

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And you’ve responded. We just had our second-best traffic month ever in January, following a 2018 when well over a million of you clicked on our work. More than 31,000 of you follow us on Facebook. You, the audience, have been engaged, and overwhelmingly supportive.

The question, as always, in media, is this: how do we get from here, a dedicated team looking to grow, to turning High Post Hoops into the full-time women’s basketball outlet the sport deserves? How do we ask for more of our writers’ valuable time?

And the answer we’ve come up with is a very 2019 one: in addition to the traffic stipend provided by FanSided, we need your help. Our writing staff is stepping up, and we are hoping you will do the same.

Accordingly, we are proud to unveil: The High Post Hoops Patreon memberships!

Our coverage will not change. You can still count on heading over to High Post Hoops and getting your fix of women’s basketball news, reported features, videos and podcasts 24/7/365. And membership dues all go toward providing financial support for that incredible team.

In addition, members will receive incredible, additional content. You’ll get first look at a weekly video rundown of the world of women’s basketball from our own Ari Chambers like this:

Our own Blake DuDonis will be creating a members-only podcast that’ll be sent straight to your inbox.

Our own Lindsay Gibbs will provide a bi-monthly notes column, filled with her scoops and tidbits she picks up in the world of women’s hoops.

Our CERTIFIED BRACKETOLOGIST Russ Steinberg will send you a weekly seed list, with full 1-64 projections of the NCAA field throughout the college season.

The great Ben Dull will provide a weekly WNBA game breakdown throughout the WNBA season.

And you’ll know INSTANTLY every time there’s breaking news in WNBA, NCAA world with alerts and instant analysis from Howard Megdal.

As an added bonus, we’ll send you High Post Hoops swag: stickers, t-shirts, all to show you are part of the grass roots effort to create a true independent, full-time women’s basketball outlet.

You’ve come to know our team. You know the mission. We want nothing less than the opportunity to cover the world of women’s hoops ALL THE TIME, to serve as a vital pipeline of information, and emphasizing opportunity for a diverse group of voices to cover this sport.

So we’re coming to you for support, too. We’re going to step up our game. We’re asking you to do the same. And together, we can make something real, and permanent, and alter the way women’s basketball is covered.

Join us. Let’s re-imagine the world of women’s basketball coverage together.