NCAA Women’s Basketball Bracketology: Let’s all fight over true seeds

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Splitting hairs over the best teams.

It’s tough to avoid getting wrapped up in seeding. That’s understandable. Seeing a number next to your name that roughly equates to how good you are in the eyes of the committee just invites criticism. For example in today’s bracket, Baylor is a 2 seed and UConn is a 1 seed. But Baylor beat UConn. So what the heck?

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Then there’s NC State and Iowa State. The Cyclones have the No. 2 RPI in the country but have two losses while the Wolfpack are still unbeaten. Then again, Iowa State has four Group 1 wins and the third-best schedule in Division I.

But look closer at where NC State and Iowa State fall. Yes, the Wolfpack are a 2 seed, but they are the No. 8 overall team in the bracket. So they are the final 2 seed placed into the field. So if they advance to the Sweet 16, they would be sent to Portland. Iowa State, as the best 3 seed, got its pick of any region, and is in the more geographically favorable Chicago region. Sometimes it’s better to be the best lower seed than the worst higher seed. Or, in the case of today’s No. 1 seeds, where you fall on the seed line could have huge implications.

So let’s get right to the bracket, where you’ll surely have plenty of complaints!