TCU upsets No.15 West Virginia behind Amy Okonkwo

What a week it has been for the TCU Women’s basketball program! They were able to knock off No.7 Texas on Wednesday night, and then turn around and grab a 76-74 overtime win against No. 15 West Virginia. It is the first time in 14 years that TCU has beat two ranked teams consecutively.

Junior center, Jordan Moore, has proven herself time and time again with such consistent performances. Her double-double helped the Frogs come back after being down by as many as 18 points in the game. She went 7-13 from the field to post 17 points and also grabbed 11 rebounds in the contest. Watching the game, you could tell that it was apart of TCU’s game plan to dominate the paint. They made a conscious effort to get two feet in and produce high percentage shots.

A critical point in the game came with 8:41 left in regulation. Jayde Woods drove to the lane and was fouled by Naomi Davenport. After the play, there was a little scuffle and both players got called for a technical foul. Because of the technical foul and the common foul assessed to Davenport, she had reached her limit of five and had to leave the game. That was the turning point for the Frogs, being that they just put a player that had 32 against them in their last meeting, on the bench. It was a physical fourth quarter, but the Frogs stayed persistent. With just 5 seconds left, Amy Okonkwo made a layup to send the game into overtime. Remember the name Amy Okonkwo.

Just like in their upset against Texas, TCU relied on their upperclassmen. Toree Thompson ended with 14 points, Jordan Moore had 17 and 11, and Amy Okonkwo posted a double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds. The five minutes of overtime was back and forth, but remember when I told you to remember the name? Amy Okonkwo hit the game winning three at the top of the key to end the game 76-74. But you know what’s funny, I talked to Okonkwo before their game yesterday. 


She could feel the momentum being carried from Fort Worth to Morgantown. She could feel that her team was ready to prove what each of them already knew was possible. She could feel great things happening with this TCU basketball team.