Video: Kelsey Plum’s advice to No. 1 NBA Draft pick Markelle Fultz

Kelsey Plum and Markelle Fultz took similar paths to the pros, both coming out of the University of Washington to be selected first overall in the draft for their respective leagues.

So it only makes sense that the two would keep in touch as Plum completed her rookie year in San Antonio and Fultz got set to begin his in Philadelphia.

At Sixers media day on Monday, our own Howard Megdal asked Fultz about his friendship with Plum and what advice she has had for him. Take a look:

The advice was pretty simple: be yourself, keep doing what you’re doing, etc. But perhaps the most encouraging part here for Sixers fans was that Fultz maintains a close relationship with Plum, someone who has already been through the struggles of a rookie looking to live up to expectations. When Fultz goes through a slump or a rough patch in his season, he will be able to talk to someone he trusts and who has gone through it before.

It’s part of the process…or something.

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