The basketball world can’t wait for the WNBA feature in NBA Live 18

EA Sports
EA Sports /

In case you missed it, EA Sports announced on Thursday that it will include a WNBA feature in its next iteration of NBA Live. It will be the first video game to ever include full WNBA rosters, and, well, the basketball world is pretty freaking amped about it.

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Naturally, most of the excitement came from current WNBA players, who will not only have a chance to play as themselves in a video game, but will be able to see their game promoted in a way it has never been before.

Noted Minnesota Lynx coach, adult, and basketball enthusiast Cheryl Reeve had more perspective on what this means for the growth of the game.

It was more than just WNBA players, too. Athletes on the men’s side expressed similar excitement.

But even with all of the early buzz, EA Sports still has one thing to answer for…