PODCAST: GM Dan Padover talks Las Vegas Aces offseason

A revealing look at how all the Aces fit together

Las Vegas Aces general manager Dan Padover knew that, back when he had the number one pick in the 2019 draft, he’d never be lonely — the phone calls and offers never stopped.

This year? He’s got number 33, as the Aces dealt their picks in rounds 1 and 2 as part of an effort to go all-in on 2020. So the experience leading up to April 17’s WNBA Draft has been a little different this time around.

“When you’re in the back, nobody’s as interested in number 33 as they would be in number one, obviously,” Padover told Howard Megdal this week in a podcast.

But as Padover pointed out, there are “plenty of ways to make big moves”, and the Aces certainly have this offseason, from bringing in Angel McCoughtry, a scorer capable of creating her own shot like few in league history, to adding point guard Danielle Robinson, a glue roster member who can bring more stability to the playmaker position.

“We knew we weren’t a big draft player,” Padover said. “So we tried to be a free agent player. But look, you’re always having conversations with teams and, and looking at ways to get your team better, but we feel really good about where we’re at right now.”

Listen to the extended conversation and learn all about how the Aces decided to deal — not to mention, what conditions they might consider trading into next week’s draft as well. (There’s also a Liz Cambage status update!)

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