Courtney Williams and Amber Cox take to Twitter to discuss trade

Courtney Williams and Sun VP post their accounts of what happened before the trade

Connecticut trading Courtney Williams to Atlanta may have come as a surprise to some, however, the drama that followed the trade was a surprise to all.

In the team-issued press release, Curt Miller stated, “We realize Courtney was a fan-favorite and we wish her the best in Atlanta. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and all the loyalty and support we’ve shown Courtney over the last four seasons, it became clear she no longer wanted to return to Connecticut. I will look back fondly on the memories we created together, but my focus as always is with the players that have a burning desire to help the Connecticut Sun hang the franchise’s first championship banner. I can’t wait to get back on the court with this team.”

Soon after Williams posted on Instagram a long message to her fans in which she thanked the fans and made several other comments including:

“This process was definitely not an easy one for me, and it truly showed me that it’s all about business, and that loyalty and emotion has no place in these type of negotiations. This was a hard pill for me to swallow, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hurt throughout this process. It’s hard to detach your feelings when you’ve given a program so much of you and have grown 4 years with the same group of ppl. I know that’s how it goes though, I learned that the hard way.”

She also added, “Don’t get caught up in all the rumors that you may hear about why I left. I never intended nor wanted to leave CT and I hope the Connecticut fans and my teammates really understand that.”

The message ended in a side note that read, “the word loyalty is thrown around so loosely these days, and maybe I was raised differently, but genuine loyalty is shown through the good or the bad. At the bare minimum I could have gotten a “thank you” like every other player that decided not to rejoin the team, but like I said previously they continue to show me that business is business. SEE YOU SOON ATLANTA!”

The Sun did eventually post a thank you to Williams later that day.

Fans, Williams and Sun Vice President Amber Cox weighed in in the replies.

Williams said:

Cox framed the sequence of events differently.

Mark June 13 on your calendars for Courtney Williams’ return to Connecticut.

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