Odyssey Sims pleads guilty to DWI charges

A chapter closed

Odyssey Sims had a tremendous season for the Minnesota Lynx. After arriving shortly before the season, she became a key part of the team’s offense, an all-star, and all-league player. Sims was a key factor in the Lynx’s return to the postseason.

There was one blemish on Sims’ season — when she was arrested in late-June near Minneapolis for suspicion of drunken driving. Prosecutors later charged Sims with two gross misdemeanor DWI charges that she pleaded guilty to.

A judge sentenced Sims a one-year sentence on Tuesday that begins with 10 days of house arrest back home in Texas and the rest suspended after four years of probation.

Will Sims miss any games?

While there is still no word on whether the league or team will take further action against Sims, there is a precedent. Players convicted of drunken driving have typically received a two-game suspension if they were first-time offenders. It wouldn’t be shocking if Sims missed the opening pair of games next season.

Sims issued an apology after the arrest, taking responsibility for her actions and acknowledging that she understands the consequences. Cheryl Reeve stood by her point guard, stating that the arrest doesn’t represent what the team or Sims is about and that “we” made a mistake. Although the team supports Sims, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider suspending her — taking responsibility as well.

Regardless of what happens with a suspension, Sims and the team can further move away from and learn from this mistake.

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