These Mystics fans are tying the knot while hoping for a ring


A night of rings?

This is WNBA Finals. While tweets such as “DC basketball is back!” referring to  Washington Wizards preseason play are surfacing, the Washington Mystics are gearing up to play in Game 4 of the 2019 WNBA Finals at Mohegan Sun Arena. The Mystics are leading the Connecticut Sun 2-1 going into the 8 pm ET contest, so Tuesday could be a championship-deciding game.

If things go in their favor, the DC heroes can claim their first title in franchise history. If not, Game 5 will take place in the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington, DC. on Thursday. But just in case it ends after Game 4, Mystics fans are traveling far and wide to be here in hopes of it all.

In the midst of all of the Finals excitement, life continues — love life included. Scott and Jess Suchtya decided to tie the knot today…right before heading to Mohegan Sun from DC to see their beloved home-team.  Their wedding photo surfaced after Monumental analyst, Christy Winters-Scott asked fans how they will celebrate the Mystics in Game 4.  The couple responded with a newlywed picture, both sporting Washington Mystics official jerseys.

“Today, my husband and I celebrated by getting married. IN CT. IN our Mystics jerseys. When the judge asked about the significance of this day, we said ‘today is the day the Mystics become WNBA champions!’ We are so proud of this team! #RunItBack #WNBAFinals”

That’s confidence.

The official union day was somewhat a spur of the moment act, but marriage in the near future always the plan. “We were originally going to get married in DC in a couple of weeks, but we had some issues with who was going to be our officiant,” Scott Suchtya told High Post Hoops Tuesday afternoon at Mohegan. After learning who they designated for the task was no longer able to perform the ceremonial duties last night, the couple decided to waste no more time and made it official!

Scott searched for chapels, but the couple decided on a courthouse. “The Mayor of the little town ended up performing our wedding for us,” Scott said.

“He was a Connecticut Sun fan so it was even sweeter,” Jess added. “We didn’t say anything. We just took off our jackets and he saw the jerseys and he was like ‘SERIOUSLY?!'”

The couple’s love for the Washington Mystics is just as deep as their relationship. Though they met through work, they grew in love through sports. “He was already a season ticket holder for the Mystics…He had to leave for work travel during one of the games [and] he gave me his tickets. I’ve gone to every game since,” Jess said.

Scott’s fandom precedes the acquisition of franchise player, Elena Delle Donne. He’s seen them grow in both chemistry and experience.  Their cohesion on the court and “the way the players really come together” are both reasons why Scott is excited for the Mystics’ success.

While smiling, Scott gave his analysis for Game 4. “I think the Mystics will get it done tonight. It’ll be a lot more competitive than Game 3 was. It won’t be quite as dominate. We saw in the last game, the depth of the team being a factor. I think that’s the greatest strength they’ve developed this season.”

Their full analysis is available here:

Scott’s prediction will be tested. No matter the result, though, it will be a memorable day for Scott and Jess Suchtya.

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