WNBA unveils new Watch Me Work spot, starring Skylar Diggins-Smith

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 26: Skylar Diggins-Smith
WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 26: Skylar Diggins-Smith /

The WNBA knows how to use its players to motivate its fanbase to no end. It’s glorious.

The league released its first Watch Me Work video of the season on Wednesday, this one featuring Wings guard Skylar Diggins-Smith, who talked about her inspirational journey from a girl growing up in Indiana to a First-Team All-WNBA player.

The full, long-form version of the video (embedded below) will air during the WNBA Draft on Thursday night.

This year’s Watch Me Work campaign will feature 12 videos in this format, one specific for each team, that will air throughout the season.

Diggins-Smith seems to be the perfect player to start the campaign. With the draft approaching and a new crop of hungry talent ready to prove itself at the highest level, her story of overcoming adversity and letting her passion for the game fuel her is especially fitting.

In June 2015, Diggins-Smith tore her ACL during a game against the Seattle Storm. She missed the remainder of the season and did not see the court again for almost a year. It was the first time she had gone that long without playing in her life.

“Coming back from my injury was one of the biggest hurdles I had to get over in my professional career,” she says in the video. “I’d never been without the game of basketball before so just being out there on the floor again with my team was an accomplishment for me. I was really proud of that.”

Diggins-Smith then talks about being named First-Team All-WNBA, when she begins to tear up. It’s a great moment to watch and a reminder of the intensity and passion that the best athletes in the sport need to bring each day to be successful.

Now, sit back and wait eagerly for the league to release the next batch of videos. If that doesn’t get you ready for the season ahead, nothing will.