PODCAST: Minnesota Lynx guard and Instagram sensation Lindsay Whalen

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 5: Lindsay Whalen /

It’s been a busy month for Lindsay Whalen, point guard for the 2017 WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx.

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Whalen led her team through the WNBA playoffs, winning home games at Williams Arena, known as “The Barn that Weezy Built”, per her teammate Maya Moore, University of Minnesota home court where Whalen had her glory years as an undergraduate. She was honored this past weekend by the Golden Gophers, enshrined in the athletics Hall of Fame at her alma mater.

Meanwhile, the appearances keep coming—The Ellen Show, the Vikings-Packers game, not to mention the victory parade and celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary.

So how does she balance it all? What does it actually feel like to prove Tom Wolfe wrong and go home again in a way that is usually limited to dreams?

And just what is the deal with Gentry, Whalen’s Instagram-created alter ego? How did Gentry get her start and might there be ANOTHER Instagram character coming?

Listen to the great Lindsay Whalen discuss all this and much more, as the player who led her team to a 26-4 record in games she played takes some time to reflect on what it all means, and even what comes next for the Minnesota Lynx.

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