Dance battle breaks out between Mystics and Fever during game delay


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Those who can’t play, dance.

Or at least that was the case on Saturday night at the freshly-coined Capital One Arena. While the Washington Mystics rolled to a 49-36 first half lead over the Indiana Fever, the thunder that echoed throughout the second quarter was, in hindsight, foreboding.

When the players from both teams came out for the second half, it was announced that the game would be delayed because of a leak in the roof—the same leak that caused the Mystics’ game against the Connecticut Sun to be postponed two weeks ago.

But since both teams were on the floor, and there was no word on the status of the game, the players decided to pass the time with a dance battle.

If we’re giving out MVPs for the battle, the awards would have to go to Natasha Cloud for the Mystics, in her first game back from injury, and Jazmon Gwathmey of the Indiana Fever. Shatori Walker-Kimbrough is a shoe-in for Rookie of the Dance-Off.

The dancing lasted for about 10 minutes, before the players went back into the locker room as the leak was fixed. After approximately a 45-minute delay, the players were brought back onto the court for a five-minute warm-up, and the game is expected to resume.

If the second half can’t be completed, it will have to be played at another time.