Cheryl Reeve takes on WNBA media coverage gap and trolls on Twitter

UNCASVILLE, CT - MAY 26: Cheryl Reeve of the Minnesota Lynx talks with Lindsay Whalen
UNCASVILLE, CT - MAY 26: Cheryl Reeve of the Minnesota Lynx talks with Lindsay Whalen /

Given the multitude of accomplishments Cheryl Reeve has accumulated during her tenure as head coach of the Minnesota Lynx, it is hard to imagine she has much time to keep track of the amount of media coverage her team receives (or doesn’t).

But clearly, the attention to detail that helped Reeve guide the Lynx to three of the past six WNBA titles, with another two trips to the finals thrown in for good measure, is something she applies to media criticism as well.

Reeve isn’t indiscriminately complaining. She raises very specific issues, and firmly argues why it should change.

So it came as little surprise on Monday afternoon, two days after Reeve coached the West all stars to a 130-121 victory over the East in the 2017 WNBA All Star Game, that she took to Twitter to point out what was and wasn’t covered, both relative to her Lynx-studded West team in Seattle and those stars returning home to continue a campaign that’s begun 15-2.

What’s always so concerning about when the Lynx receive scant coverage, particularly relative to men’s sports, is that one of the false arguments put forth about why many outlets don’t cover women’s sports has to do with winning. Win, you’ll hear, and the team will be covered. Well, no one this side of the Houston Comets has won in WNBA history more than these Lynx, and they’ve done so with signature stars who have stuck around for most of the decade.

Mark Rosen of WCCO pushed back, pointing out a number of ways he and his station cover the Lynx. Reeve acknowledged this, but also highlighted the larger media landscape double standard.

As if on cue, that’s when the trolls descended on Reeve. Michael Berres, a “Bible-believing conservative Christian”, per his profile, had this exchange with Reeve.

Berres then turned the conversation, in either a nod to Wiggins or what would seem like a non sequitur if anybody actually thought his issue was based on legitimate criticism of the league’s entertainment value, to sexuality.

Finally, the true expertise of the harshest critics of the league came through, as it almost always does.

Reeve goes in for the kill by invoking Life Cereal.

The attempt is made at scoring free tickets to the greatest show in Minnesota.

Reeve responds by channeling Sylvia Fowles.

The truth is, Reeve and the WNBA doesn’t need the trolls she enjoys talking on for target practice while teaching us all larger lessons about media coverage.

Based on a measure through 122 games, the league is up 2.1 percent over 122 games played last year. The Lynx are up 11.3 percent, year-over-year, and on pace to win the most regular season games in league history.

Somebody ought to tell the Minnesota media. Fortunately, Cheryl Reeve has it covered.