Seattle Storm Fake News report says Breanna Stewart is now Breanna Banana, Stewart is now Breanna Banana


Sometimes the Fake News gets it right.

Take some recent happenings with the Seattle Storm, who run a delightful Fake News segment on their social accounts. Two days ago, the Storm dropped the below video, giving Breanna Stewart a new nickname. Stewie and her teammates played along, and the result was this piece of art:

There’s a lot going on here, so bear with me. First of all, Stewart has incredible banana peeling technique. She doesn’t let the peel hang off as she eats, she removes the whole darn thing. And without looking! Well done, indeed.

And I think we can all agree to never try and get between Breanna and a banana. Check out the Mutmobo finger wag here.

Now if you’re wondering what Monique Currie thinks of this (and why wouldn’t you?), she has the same question we all do: what the what is banana guac?

Bird responded to that tweet, referring Currie to


Breanna Banana, who promised to have some waiting for when the Stars visit Seattle in a couple weeks.

Monique: I don’t know if you’re reading this (actually, of course you are), but can you please give us a review of this banana guac when you try it? It sounds terrible, but if Banana likes it…maybe it’s not? Also, Banana, if you’re reading this, please send me some. I’ll review it on the site for #content.

Join us next week when The Summitt reviews the fashion choices of the Storm’s on-air fake news personality. As you can see, Breanna Banana clearly has some opinions.