WATCH: Bill Laimbeer talks Tina Charles, New York Liberty at Media Day

Bill Laimbeer.
Bill Laimbeer. /

A faster pace, a diversified offensive attack and more stability at point guard are just some of the new features in store for the 2017 New York Liberty, according to head coach Bill Laimbeer, who spoke to reporters at length during the team’s media day on Monday.

“We were more of a setup team,” Laimbeer said of the 2016 squad, which utilized veteran Tanisha Wright at point guard. “Now we have three guards who can push the ball, shoot and attack, and that’s going to be a little bit of a changing style we have this year, utilizing their skills.”

Laimbeer also discussed the emergence of Amanda Zahui B, the advantage of having Epiphanny Prince healthy from the start of the season, and much more. Watch the full interview here: